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One-on-One  ︎
I personally see all projects through from the start to the very end. I enjoy designing, producing drawings and seeing amazing spaces come to life. 

You won’t be fed into a corporate profit making machine, or looked after by an assistant, it is just you and me working to make your property perfect.

Read more about working with me here. 

Tailored Design Process ︎
Finding the best solution is a process. I take inspiration from you and your house - do you have unusual furniture to fit in or a particular design taste?

I don’t have a ‘design style’, I like to respond in a way that feels appropriate for the setting and for the owner. It’s your house and I will be guided by you.

Light and Warmth ︎
Dark old homes should be brought up to modern standards by flooding them with natural light, improving their energy efficiency standards and orienting towards key views; making them warmer, brighter and more comfortable. We can work together to help your home achieve its full potential.

We will continue to refine the design until we find the best solution for your project. If you’re not happy, then I’m not happy: that’s my personal guarantee.

Visualise the Result

I work in 3D. Perspective visualisations and flythrough videos are a key part of my service.

We will walk through your new home in three dimensional design discussions, adapting design as we go, ensuring the feel and flow of the space works and feels right. Once the design is settled, the 3D model is used to create and coordinate construction drawings.

Lots of other architects work only in 2D, producing perspective images detached from the rest of the process, it’s just not the same!

“Tom is great guy - passionate about what he does, very creative with great attention to detail. I've enjoyed working with him and look forward to seeing his design get built shortly.”

“We couldn't be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend Tom’s services to anyone looking to bring their project to life.”
Ply House Client 


“Tom is a very talented and professional architect but also approachable and fun to work with. He listened to what I wanted for the kitchen extension and came up with a beautiful and impressive design. I liked his attention to detail and calm approach.  He was happy to answer my questions and take time to explain everything, so I always felt part of the project.  I would definitely work with Tom again.”
“... He made the most of the building but was always willing to listen to our thoughts and incorporate them in the plans so it felt like our project not his. He has great attention to detail and really thinks through how things will be made. He was sympathetic to the old building, caring to preserve the structure and feel of it, whilst transforming it into a comfortable, modern space suitable for family living for many more decades.”

Coach House Client 
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