Listed House

A Grade II Listed House in the Cotswolds AONB

This Grade II listed house in the Cotswolds was previously a scattered and unloved collection of buildings. We brought the pieces back together, putting the new kitchen where there had been a Dairy for milking cows and connecting the house with a brightened staircase and entranceway.

Moving the staircase into the old dining room allowed us to improve the bedrooms and main living room, and make the route from the new kitchen to upstairs much shorter.

The design carefully stitches the old dairy and the house together. A deep well was found during construction and was carefully incorporated to sit right in the doorway into the kitchen under a structural glass cover. Watch your step!

Project Images

Hallway Video Visualisation

Before and After Plans
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The ground floor has been completely reconfigured to provide a much larger ‘Living Room’ at the front of the property. The historic inglenook fireplace has been ‘dug out’ and repaired. Staircase is moved into the old cramped dining room. What was a shop attached to a dairy at the back of the house is now the impressive kitchen-dining wing with Glass Box addition in the south facing garden.

Moving the staircase to open up the ground floor also allowed us to improve the bedrooms and reduce the corridor space. A new staircase gives access up into the huge attic. The roof above the kitchen was removed and re-insulated, allowing us to expose the historic oak structure on the inside.

A new master bedroom suite with a giant walk in wardrobe and ‘glass box’ ensuite in the attic creates a real ‘wow factor’ master bedroom. (Currently under construction)